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Shortness of Breath

Aims & Scope

“Shortness of Breath” is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, open access, on-line journal on all areas of pulmonary medicine. The emphasis will be on publishing quality mini-review very rapidly by taking full advantage of internet technology for both the submission and review of manuscripts. The journal includes also classic features such as editorials and letters to the editor. “Medical Humanities” is an innovative section in scientific publishing scene. The traditional conflict between science and the humanities has never been more marked, especially in biomedical field. This section are intended to develop skills of observation, interpretation and construction of the meaning of the illness experience, helping care professionals to connect others’ experiences with their own and then develop comparison and introspection capabilities. All articles published by “Shortness of Breath” are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration request. Full-text of each article is deposited immediately and permanently archived in PubMed Central.

Image on the cover: "The letter" by Marco Ceruti